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Exercise is good for the mind and the body. Just like everything, you need to enjoy the activity to stick with it. If you have not exercised, do not try to start big. But please do start. It takes an average of 21 days to create a new habit. Make it easy for you to say yes. Choose a work out buddy. Pick a fun activity. Do something with your kids or grandkids. Start slow and expect to be a little sore. That is a message from your muscles that you worked them. Being sore is okay. Being swollen and red is not expected. If you want to learn more about how to exercise, make an appointment for a discussion. Anyone who is a Direct Primary Care patient gets a complimentary fitness center membership. skm

A Subscription......To A Doctor. How Direct Primary Care Works.

More doctors are choosing to NOT accept insurance and instead charge monthly fees. It's called Direct Primary Care. 


And Chuck Gulat has it. He doesn’t feel rushed when he sees his primary care doctor. He comes as often as he wants, and doesn't need insurance to pay for it. Sounds almost too good to be true?  “I'm living it. And it seems too good to be true. “


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Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records are definitely here to stay. They can be super useful and a distraction. We use the EHR AtlasMD which was created by a group over in Kansas. It allows us to communicate with our Direct Primary Care patients through text and email. We will be continuing to expand as the record develops. If you have not shar at your next visit so with us, let us know at your next visit so we can update your record. 


Have you ever tried to meditate. Most people think about sitting on a beach or in a Yoga studio with your legs crossed. The truth is, you just need to start with a word. Choose a word that makes you happy and close your eyes and repeat. You can be in your car - parked please. You can be in the bathroom or sitting on your porch. It is okay to fall asleep. Just start. There are so many health benefits from this simple process. Try it today. 

Technology Driven World

We definitely live in a technology driven world. I like to get back to the basics with patients. I like to listen to what my patients are feeling and experiencing. I feel the sometimes in medicine, we can begin to see patients as a text book or an illness. The truth is, we are all amazing individuals with truly unique experiences. I want to help guide patients to listen to the body. It usually tells us what it needs. Don't try to be a textbook either. Sometimes our bodies are just telling us that they are working to heal. Sometimes we just need to give it fuel or rest. Learining to listen to the body can be very helpful is all respects.


Are you interested in aesthetics? We are now offering botox and fillers. Botox can last up to 6 months. It is a very simple process. Melonie Darnall, our Nurse Practitioner loves helping people get the look they want through botox and fillers. Make an appointment today. 

Direct Primary Care

Have you ever been frustrated that you could not spend the time you needed with your physician? I know that as a physician, I have become very frustrated with not being able to spend the time I needed with my patients. Direct Primary Care helps solve the problem for both the patient and the physician. If you want to learn more, you can schedule an appointment with me to discuss how Direct Primary Care works. Call our office today.


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